• 112th Textile Industry Low-Carbon Transformation Promotion and Counseling Plan
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112th Textile Industry Low-Carbon Transformation Promotion and Counseling Plan

The Industrial Bureau of the Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA) is promoting the low-carbon transformation of the textile industry in 2023 to assist businesses in implementing carbon reduction solutions and achieve global sustainable development goals and the trend towards net-zero carbon emissions by 2050. To facilitate the exchange of experiences in carbon reduction and promote the construction of a low-carbon textile supply chain, the Industrial Bureau of the MOEA, in collaboration with Chain Yarn Co., Ltd., organized a low-carbon demonstration and observation event.


The focus of this event was Chain Yarn which served as the demonstration company, showcasing its low-carbon nylon recycling process and recycled nylon fiber processing. The event invited partners from the low-carbon supply chain to share carbon reduction strategies and techniques. Textile industry stakeholders were enthusiastically invited to participate in the event. The event included an introduction of guidance on the innovation platform for industrial upgrading and creation, Chain Yarn's net-zero carbon emissions policy, and the carbon reduction execution policy of the Innovation and Creation Alliance. Chain Yarn has implemented a series of carbon reduction initiatives, including material substitution, energy-saving equipment, process optimization, circular economy practices, energy optimization, and temperature control, all aligned with the net-zero carbon emissions policy.


Chain Yarn 's net-zero carbon emissions policy covers various areas, such as introducing low-carbon and environmentally friendly recycled nylon, equipment replacement and upgrades, and solar energy implementation. Additionally, the company is dedicated to material substitution by introducing low-carbon materials and developing bio-based materials to reduce carbon emissions.


After the event, participants highly praised Chain Yarn 's achievements in low-carbon transformation and expressed their inspiration. The Industrial Bureau of the MOEA stated that it will continue to support the low-carbon transformation of the textile industry and promote more demonstration and observation events to facilitate experience sharing and collaboration among businesses, working towards the goal of sustainable development.