Chain Yarn Co., Ltd. was founded in 1988. We have accumulated technical experiences for many years, and we make every attempt to enhance our business core competence, and we provide a one-stop process from design, development, spinning to post-processing, in other words, we provide more complete service and total solution to our customer.

Our main focus was on innovative and professional value-added product. We hope to associate with professional fabric maker and brands around the world to become their strategic partner.



Nylon 6/66 recycled yarn, Nylon 6 filament yarn, Nylon 66 filament yarn, air textured yarn, draw textured yarn and Circular knitting fabrics. 

Nylon 6 /66 recycled yarn
Nylon 6 filament yarn
Nylon 66 filament yarn
Nylon 6/ 66 ATY
Nylon 6/66 DTY
Circular & Warp Knitting Fabrics


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