Functional Maximum
FUN-MAX® Nylon functional yarn
Key benefits of FUN-MAX®
‧ Anti-bacterial & Anti-Odor
‧ Warm-keeping
‧ Cooling
‧ Moisture absorption
‧ Wind proof
‧ Customized service
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Fun-Max® functional yarn
Easy warm
Cooling feel
Full-dull luster increased and UVA/UVB prevention

Super light fabric

( Test method: AS/NZS 4399-1966 )

Warp- Super light yarn (DTY)
Weft- Super light yarn (UV-Cut DTY)
Section: round
Transmission UVA=2.1%
Transmission UVB=1.7%
Mean UPF 57
UPF Rating 50+ (excellent protection)

Octagonal section fabric

( Test method: AS/NZS 4399-1966 )

Warp- Regular yarn (FDY)
Weft-  Octagonal yarn (UV-Cut ATY)
Section: octagonal
Transmission UVA=0.8 %
Transmission UVB=3.1%
Mean UPF 72
UPF Rating 50+ (excellent protection)



The combination of the volcanic rocks and carbonized organic plant materials are performed for producing functional material with core-shell structure. Therefore, the FUN-MAX®warm gets warm quickly than normal yarn.

The significant difference 10 minutes between the FUN-MAX®warm and normal yarn is shown by the irradiation test using the halogen light of 500 watts for ten minutes.

Test condition:
‧ Equipment: Thermovision
‧ Heat source: halogen lamp (500W)
‧ Heat distance: 100cm
‧ Exposure time is 10 minutes
Woven fabric
Test data
( temperature increased after heating)
△=9.8℃ △=18.39℃
Up to 8.59℃
Knitting fabric
Test data
( temperature increased after heating)
△=5.33℃ △=18.58℃
Up to 13.17℃
* Source: Taiwan Textile Research Institute
Using well-designed cross section, ice master batches or hydrophilic chips to enhance the cooling feel and moisture

absorption effect of the yarns.
Ice master batches /
Nylon hydrophilic chip
Ice cool fabric
‧ 70D ice cool yarn 88%+OP 12%
‧ 1~2℃ instant cool feeling
‧ Q-Max(w/cm2)=0.15
(test method: FTTS-FA-019-2010)
Hydrophilic fabric
‧ 70D Nylon hydrophilic yarn
‧ Q-Max(w/cm2)>0.188
(test method: FTTS-FA-019-2010)
FUN-MAX® Nylon well-designed section
Yarns with well-designed cross section become functional, fashionable and comfortable. They can even perform unique luster and bulky hand feel as well.
Section designed Features Specification
Cross-section Moisture absorption, bulky 20~70de
Triangle Unique luster, fashionable 40~470de
Hollow Light weight, warm 20~360de
Square Wind proof, dense 40de
Bone-shape Unique luster, permeability 200~400de
Octagonal Dull luster, shelter 70de
Complex (triangle + round) Unique luster, starlight 400de
Complex (hollow + cross) light weight, warm, bulky, moisture absorption, cotton-like 90, 160de
down jacket, underwear, swim wear,
ski wear, socks, back pack, etc.
dress, underwear, legwear, fashionable
bag, jacket, down jacket, etc.
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