Nylon 66 Filament Yarn
To fully satisfy our customers’ requirement, we produce Nylon 66 FDY, POY and HOY with a wide variety  such as non-sizing yarn, full-dull yarn, cross-shaped yarn, high count yarn and high tenacity yarn, etc.
Customized Services
Through employing our unique core technology and managing system, we are able to adjust the
production process and ingredients according to customers' requirments.
More than a few
More than a few
Dying ability
Dying ability
CHAINLON's Main Brands
Chainlon’s diverse collection of brands offer relevant solutions in various industries.

Annual capacity

  • 14,500
  • MT

Fabric for clothing

Waterproof and breathable jacket, down jacket, underwear, yoga clothes, fashion cloth, etc.

Industrial fabrics

Parachute, car suture, ribbon, bags materials, conveyor belts, ropes, pipes and other coating materials, etc.

Product process
Nylon 66 vs. Nylon 6
Characteristics Nylon 66 Nylon 6
Melting point (℃) 255 ~ 260 215 ~ 220
Composition AA + HMDA Caprolactam
Glass Transition (℃) 40 ~ 50 30 ~ 40
Shrinkage in
boiling water(%)
5-9 10-15
Durability Better Good
Elastic Recovery Better Good
Dyeing Temperature(℃) 98 ~ 130 98 ~ 115
Color Fastness Better Good