Human Resources
Talented people are the most important assets of Chain Yarn. A stable and favorable salary is offered, in addition to safe working environment and multi-element learning chances to explore employees’ potential capabilities.
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Compensation and Benets
Various bonus programs
We reward our employees not only the fair pay, but also monthly and yearly bonus through various bonus programs based on the work efficiency, goal achievement of department and the contribution to the success of the company.
Eco-friendly plant environment
We provide catering service, employee dormitory, parking area, entertainment halls, safe and caring work environment and varieties of community activities.
Wide range of welfare
We committed to providing wide range of welfare, training programs, as well as medical care for our employees.
Educational training


Educational training for new recruiters


On-job training


Environmental safety consciousness enhancement


Cadre training

For new recruiters, we provide a full range of explanatory curriculum, which includes working rules and regulations, labor safety rules, company policy, environmental protection management, the introduction of security and fire-fighting training.
On-job training for using protection devices, production and processing skills is implemented every month by department supervisor.
 Fire-fighting training and labor safety and hygiene educational training is launched by industrial safety department each year to enhance the environmental safety consciousness of the employees.
According to different job requirements, appropriate and individual curriculum of management will be designed and launched. It not only cultivates the leadership but also enhances the managerial capabilities, so that the higher efficiency and performance will be achieved.