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Key benefits of GREENLON®
The alarm bell has been ringing over the pollution in our environments. We have the responsibility to protect our earth and develop eco filament yarns to decrease the generation of wasted material, water and gas. Chainlon has dedicated to making earth a greener place for a sustainable living .
GREENLON® Eco-friendly yarn
Specification GREENLON® recycled
 Recycled yarn
GREENLON® dyefree
Dope dyed yarn
GREENLON® ecopro
Recyceld dope dyed yarn
Energy saving 8.5%
Waste water saving 84%
Gas generation saving 77%
GRS NO: C21109
Water saving
Energy saving
Waste water and gas generation reducing 70%↑
  Waste water and gas generation reducing 70%↑
Prismatic color
Color fastness enhanced
  Denier 40~400 Denier 40~1260(black)
Denier 50, 210 ( fluorescent yellow)
Denier 400 (dark green)
Denier 40~400
Special design Cotton-like, light High tenacity, cotton-like Melange, cotton-like
Sports and fashion
Outdoor wear, pants, casual wear, foot wear, backpack
Sports and fashion
Sport wear, casual wear, back pack, luggage
work wear, fishing net, tape
Sports and fashion
Outdoor wear, pants, casual wear, foot wear, backpack, interior

GREENLON® recycled  Recycled yarn

Nylon Recycling System

Energy Consumption
  Unit Nylon 6 chip (CPL
Recycled chip
(Physical recover)
Energy Saving Saving percentage (%)
Energy consumption
(Heavy oil)
L/MT 443 0 443 100%
Power consumption kw-hr/MT 624 571 53 8.5%
Waste Water L/MT 27.3 4.36 22.94 84%
Waste material kg/MT 84.2 0 84.2 100%

CO2 Reduction

  • 76.7%
CO2 producing from heavy oil CO2 producing from power consumption
1200.53 kg - CO2 (CPL→Polymerization) = 411.84 kg - CO2
By physical recovery = 376.86 kg - CO2
GREENLON® dyefree    Dope dyed yarn
The process of environmental friendly truly reduces the energy consumption and dope dyed nylon filament yarn has superior attributes, such as colorfastness to light, washable, rubbing and perspiration resistant.
GREENLON® ecopro    Recycled Dope Dyed Yarn
100 %

Dyeing Process

0.5 - 1.0 grade
Color fastness up

Better color fastness

70 %

Water Consumption

Special textured
organizational design

Design variable

Suggestion for design
Color Diversity 
Melange design
Enhanced color fastness
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