Chain Yarn (Vietnam)

Chain Yarn (Vietnam) was founded in 2015. We have accumulated technical experiences for many years. We make every attempt to enhance our business core competence, and provide a one-stop process from design, development, spinning to finishing. In other words, we provide a complete service and total solution to our customers.


Products Series


Nylon 6 / 66 DTY

Circular Knitted Machine

Dyed Fabrics

Single Jersey / Double Knit



Warp Knitting

Fabric: Tricot, Power Mesh
Features: Extreme Elasticity, Good Breathability, Dimensional Stability, Less Shedding
Applications: Shirts, Swimwear, Surfwear, Compression Garments, Professional Training Apparel

Circular Knitting

Fabric: Single Jersey, Double Knit, Jacquard
Features: Soft, High Elasticity, Moisture Wicking
Application: Yoga, Running, Tennis and Sports Clothes

Chain Yarn-Vietnam

  • Lo A_7_CN, Khu Cong Nghiep Bau Bang , Xa Lai Hung , Huyen Bau Bang , Tinh Binh Duong , Vietnam .
  • +84-274-2221871 / +84-274-2221873
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