Fruitful Achievements

Latest products and technology developed by cooperation with customers and international brands.

Nylon Filament Yarns

Nylon 66 high tenacity yarns

Applicable to sewing thread, baggage, parachute with good tearing strength, pulling strength and durable.

Doped dyed yarns with high tenacity

Simplifying the dying process and decreasing the consumption of energy and emission of CO2.
Applicable to sewing thread, bag, luggage, fishing net, etc.

Nylon6 super light yarn 

Different from regular 10 to 15 denier in the market, we developed it to fit the requirements of global branded companies. The weight of the fabric is less than 40g/yard.
Applicable to pocket windbreaker, jacket, etc.

N6/N66 500de & 1000de high tenacity air textured yarns

The tenacity of the yarns achieve 5.5 g/d with cotton-like touching feel and a enhanced durability and the tearing strength.
Applicable to work wear, bag, luggage, shoes wear, etc.

Heavy denier yarns with special cross-sections

By using hollow-section design, the fabric becomes lighter.
Applicable to bag, luggage, home furnishings, etc.

Fine-denier of 20de yarns with well-designed cross-sections

By using different hollow or cross-section designs, the yarns become light, wind proof, bulky and softer.
Applicable to down jacket, underwear, sleeping bag, pocket windbreaker, etc.

Nylon 66 moisture absorption yarns 

By using special cross-section, the yarns conduct sweat and absorb the moisture, it enhances the soft-touching feel by DTY process as well.
Applicable to yoga wear, underwear, casual wear, etc.
Nylon Material

Nylon /PPO/SEBS Alloy

It has comprehensive physical and mechanical properties, heat resistance, electrical insulation properties, low water absorption, high strength and dimensional stability, high durability, fatigue resistance and chemical resistance.

Nano Compound Material

By adding Nano Clay to increase the heat resistance characteristic which is used mostly in car accessories.