Nylon 6 / 66


Chain yarn has adopted the most modern, newly developed and fully automatic texturing machine to produce top quality ATY (air textured yarn) & DTY (draw textured yarn).
Customized Services
Through employing our unique core technology and managing system, we are able to adjust the
production process and ingredients according to customers' requirements.
More than a few
Good and stable unwinding tension
Free Sizing
 Even loop and cotton-like
Very accurate and equal length for each bobbin
Dying ability
Excellent dyeability and high tenacity
CHAINLON's Main Brands
Chainlon’s diverse collection of brands offer relevant solutions in various industries.

Annual Capacity

  • 6,000
  • MT

Fabric for clothing

Sport wear, under wear, yoga cloth, pants and sock, etc.

Industrial fabrics

Work wear, luggage, bag and shoes wear, etc.

N6/66 air texturing process
Texturing process
Nylon 6/66 filament Yarns (FDY or POY) Texturing Nylon 6/66 ATY / DTY
Weaving application
For circular knitting   Circular knitting fabric
For weaving   Woven fabric