Nylon Engineering Plastics
A superior rigidity, mechanical strength, stability of dimensions, flame retardant and higher impact resistant properties are achieved after injection molding by Chain Yarn’s specialized blending and compounding technology.
Products Series
Comprehensive physical and mechanical properties, heat resistance, electrical insulation properties, low water absorption, high strength and dimensional stability, high durability, fatigue resistance and chemical resistance.
NYLON Glass Fiber Reinforced Grades
High rigidity, mechanical strength, low water absorption and excellent heat resistant properties.

SGS examination of RSL passed.
NYLON Flame Retardant Grades
Excellent heat resistant property.

Fireproof grade UL94 V-0 approved.
NYLON Super Tough Grades
High impact resistant strength(>80kgf-cm/cm), good impact resistance at low temperature and comprehensive low temperature resistance(-40℃).

SGS examination of NIKE BAUER and TECNICA passed.
Car accessories, buckles, hardware, mechanical parts, home appliances, wheels, engine shell, jack, connector, cell phone, skating shoes, etc.