Nylon 6 Chips
Branded as "Chainlon" have following features
For "spinning"
Containing special modifiers which provide very good stability in extrusion and excellent performance in high speed spinning. Low monomer content to lengthen the spinneret running period, and then reduce the yarn waste in its cleaning operation.
The "Chainlon" chips give good UV-resistance and anti-yellowness effects. Very good dyeability, giving good color fastness and saving dyeing cost.
Due to its good polymers good dyeability, dyeing bath exhausting rate is very high, thus Chainlon chip is environmentally friendly. Our polymer quality is highly consistent, customers can mix our polymers for spinning without changing yarn lot numbers.
For "engineering plastics"
Special additives, smooth and shiny surface after injection, high thermal stability, small changes in pressure injection process, demoulding easily.  
For "BOPA"
It meets the required characteristics of current ordinary BOPA in the market; low heat shrinkage ratio, high scale stability; the slice is easy to be cleaned and preventing the film from damage, as well saving cost.  

Annual Capacity

  • 95,000
  • MT
Product process
Specification & Application
Luster Viscosity H2O
Chip Size
SD 2.47 ≦800 0.29 ≦0.6 45 2.5*2.5 820 Spinning
Engineering plastics
FD 2.48 ≦800 1.53 ≦0.6 48 2.5*2.5 820 Engineering plastics
BR 2.49 ≦800 0 ≦0.6 48 2.5*2.5 820 Engineering plastics